Have you ever wanted to soar over the waterfalls and through the jungle canopy in a zipline?  Here’s your chance!  A couple of years ago someone had the bright idea that ziplining over waterfalls, past the ocean and through the jungle canopUmaUma Falls Big Island Hawaiiy would be a fun adventure.  With that the Umauma Experience was born and so have several more zipline companies.

The Umauma Ziplining Experience takes participants over 9 ziplines that are friendly for beginners as well as lines for those more experienced.  They offer a unique experience of a dual 2060 foot zipline and a 200 foot high suspension bridge.  You can also combine your experience with what is called Zip and Dip where you can also go swimming and kayaking in the Umauma river.  There is also a 50′ giant swing.  It’s also right next to a tropical garden walk so you really can get a full experience.

The Umauma Zipline has a good reputation.  And where also can you fly over a three-tiered waterfall?

Things to consider:

  1.  Mosquito spray–This side of the island is very tropical.  Having some mosquito spray will help you enjoy your time.
  2. GoPro–This is a hands free zipline which means you don’t have to use a hand-brake to stop.  It also means your hands are free for some awesome pictures.  A GoPro Camera at some places can be rented for $40, or for that price you may just want to go ahead and buy one of your own.

Age Requirements:

I believe this may be the only zipline on the island to take children down to 5 years of age.  You know your child best to know if this is appropriate.


We’ve become a tipping culture and this is no less true in the world of ziplining, so be prepared accordingly.

Umauma Experience Website


Umauma Falls