Waipio is the very definition of verdant, tropical, green, historical and mystical valley.  And the best way to explore Waipio Valley is on the back of a horse.  With their connections the guides lead you across properties that you could not access otherwise.  You see taro fields, towering waterfalls, jungle trails and sometimes even taste some wild tropical fruit.

We went on Na’alapa stables and had an enjoyable experience.  The scariest part is definitely going down into the valley in the van but these are experienced drivers who do this every day.  The horses are actually formerly wild geriatric horses who have lived in the valley for literally generations.  One of the women with us asked two of the local teens helping with the horseback ride if the horses were a problem getting into the fields.  The teens looked at her astounded.  “They were here before us,” they replied incredulous that she could ask such a question.  And it’s true.  The wild horses have been there for..generations.

While in the valley they take you around the valley floor (although not all the way to the back of the valley).  It’s definitely a beautiful ride and was worth spending the day on this trip.

They do have some restrictions however:

• Children under 8 not permitted
• Weight limit 230 pounds
• Participants should be in good general health.
• Not recommended for elderly, disabled, obese, or pregnant women
• All participants must sign a waiver
• Suggested attire is long pants & covered shoes
• Bottled water due to remote location
• All medical/physical restrictions must be declared at time of reservation

Na’alapa Stables has a good reputation and many have had a good experience with them.  I hope you will too.

Na’alapa Stables Website