Snorkeling in Hawaii

One of the great wonders of Hawaii is found under the ocean through snorkeling.  The warm Pacific waters attract fish in colors and varieties that you have never seen before!  If you’ve never snorkeled, then this is your time.

Snorkeling is simply a face mask with a breathing tube so that you can float on the water and see the fish.  You don’t have swim in deep waters to see spectacular fish.   Yellow Tang, Puffer Fish, Trumpet Fish–the waters of the Big Island have so much variety!


Where do I get snorkeling gear?

In Kona and Hilo or at the resorts there typically is a gear shack that will be happy to rent you their gear.  You can also rent life preservers and other water gear.  

What is the Average Cost?

Snorkel gear runs approximately $10-15 per day.  You can also buy a snorkel set at Wal-mart for $20.  puffer fish

What if I have glasses?

No problem.  Most snorkel gear rental companies have lenses in the snorkel gear that can be adjusted up to 10 diopters.  

What kind of footwear do I need?

It is strongly recommended that you wear reef shoes.  Oftentimes while you are snorkeling the waters will float you to different places then where you initially began.  If you need to get out of the water in an emergency and you are on fresh coral that is filled with sea urchins, it could be a real problem.  Reef shoes are cheap and if you spend time in the water, a necessary addition.

What are safety concerns?

If you are not a strong swimmer, it is good to swim with a buddy.  When you are chasing fish in the water it is easy to lose track of your location.  Also it takes some people a little bit to get comfortable breathing through a tube.  Take necessary precautions to keep your vacation safe.


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