Hilo receives an average of 126 inches of rain a year which is a lot.  Because of the extensive rains the island is lush with tropical vegetation, and a beautiful place to stay.  You won’t find the beaches and resorts here like you do on the Kona side, but you will find the housing you need.



Dolphin Bay

They claim they are “the nicest small hotel in the Hilo area.” Personally I have never stayed with them so I can only go on what others say. The ratings are fair-good at 3 ½ stars out of 5. They are a 10 minute walk to downtown Hilo. They do have laundry service, free parking, wifi, kitchen facilities and smoke-free rooms.


333 Iliahi St, Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 935-1466


Arnott’s Loge and Hiking Adventure

This lodge is geared towards backpackers and can range from tent spaces to Deluxe Suites



Hilo Seaside Hotel

This is mid-range hotel that is a family-run for over 50 years. At times various aspects could be updated but it’s decent for the price. It’s close to the city center and beach as well as the airport for your travel.


(808) 935 0821

126 Banyan Way
Hilo, Hawaii 96720