Is the Old Airport Beach in Kona really from an Old Airport?

Yes, this is actually the old airport and yes, you do drive down the runway to find a place to park.  Cool, eh?  Yes, it is.  About 15 years ago it was a beautiful, sometimes unknown beach by day and drug and alcohol party central by night.  But somebody got the bright idea to spiff it up and they’ve completely turned things around.

The Beach is literally the stretch of a jumbo jet runway and more.  It’s beautiful sand, AMAZING sunset views and Kona’s most popular BBQ grand central station.  Across the way from the beach an initative cleaned up a scrubby area and turned into a community park.  Different civic groups sponser a section and landscape it.   Winding through it all is a 3/4 mile paved trail for walkers or garden-viewers.  They’ve done a fantastic job.

If you’re in the Kona area please take the time to go to this beach to watch the sunset.  Even the cheapest camera will lend you spectacular views.  In Feb/Mar it’s not uncommon to see whales off the shore.  It isn’t really a swimming beach, but for views and BBQ and a walk in the park (see pic below), this beach is top-notch.

Old Airport Beach


Drive north on Kuakini Hwy until it takes a left.  It will loop around the soccer fields and feel like you’re heaading into bad territory.  No worries, just keep going.  About 1/4 mile down it will take a right past a hockey rink.  Take the right and keep going straight parallel to the coast.  You know when you will be on the runway.  Find a place to park and enjoy!


Parking:  Yes.  Lots
Restrooms and showers:  Yes
BBQ Grills:  Yes, Plenty
Picnic Tables:




Lifeguards:  No
Waves:  Very rocky for swimming
Timeliness:  It’s best to leave at the hour suggested because they lock the gates if you don’t (take it from one who has experience of leaving a car there overnight. )

Handicapped Accessibility

The walking path across the beach is definitely handicap accessible.  But the beach itself is per person as it is about 100 yards of sand to the ocean.  I do believe a wheelchair could go a good distance as it is not deep sand.