Magic Sands Beach

(White Sands Beach Park, La’aloa Beach Park)

Magic Sands Beach isn’t given that name for no reason.  Sometimes when the surf pounds in the sands retreat.  At other times the sands return.  Locals have observed that this appearing and disappearing can happen in the course of a day.

Women’s Reef Shoes–A MUST when swimming in the ocean.

Aside from the nomadic sands, Magic Sands makes for a beautiful place to Boogie Board and spend the day.  When the sands are thick the swimming is great!  But when it runs a little thin make sure you have reef shoes.  The rocks can be treacherous. You can get them before you go or cheaply at Wal-mart once you are there.


  • Best Wave Action Location–Go to the south side (left when facing ocean) to catch the best waves
  • Best Snorkeling Location–On calm days check out the area to the north (right when facing the ocean) in front of Jameson’s restaurant. 

Men’s Reef Shoes

Caution:  The combo of the strong waves and rocks has given the beach an alias of “Tragic Sands.”  Although life guards are on duty, it seems like of all the beaches this one ranks an unfortunate title of “Most Likely to be Injured Here.”  It’s not uncommon for a rip tide to occur when the sand is leaving.  So be careful, swim with a buddy and get your reef shoes before you go.