Shopping Kona

Kona offers a wide selection of shopping options, perhaps more than any other place on the island.  In addition to the chain stores you find in the Mainland, the Big Island has some stores special to the islands.

Basic Tourist Shops

ABC Store–Basic Convenience and Tourist Trinkets

ABC store offers food, snacks and suntan lotion as well as your typical souvenir trinkets.  You can find T-shirts, Hawaiian music CD’s and more.  A simple shop but a quick way for a souvenir.  Found throughout the island.

Hilo Hattie’s–Geared toward Tourists almost Entirely

Hilo Hattie’s is geared to everything touristy.  In fact it is built to be a tourist shop and the tour buses almost never miss a stop here.  They offer Hawaiian clothing, mugs and more.  It’s bigger than ABC and offers more.

Strip Malls


Kona Coast Shopping Center–Strip Mall with a Variety

This is your typical strip mall with shopping and eateries.   It’s a good place to get some groceries, household needs and grab some Hawaiian fast food (L&L’s).

Kona Inn Shopping Village–Strip Mall with a Variety

This little shopping center sometimes has performers among the jewelry and clothing boutiques.  They also have some shops that sell tickets to your various adventures.  There are bathrooms located here and on the coastal side you can walk out to the shore and there’s a nice place on the lawn and sea wall to enjoy the view.

Keauhou Shopping Center

The Keauhou area offers more upscale shopping and restaurants.  There are even a few boutiques squirreled away but you have to search for them.  I don’t list them here as they do change.

Variety Market

Kona International Market–More variety

This market was built a few years ago and offers a hair more authentic shopping for tourists.  You have more variety here as it is made up of local vendors who are selling clothes, photos and more.

Farmer’s Market

Kona Farmer’s MarketHawaiian Papaya

The Kona Farmer’s Market is a well-stocked market with tourist sourenirs, flowers, coffee and fruits and vegetables.  It’s located right on Ali’i drive and is worth a visit.  The different vendors have different prices on their produce so shop around.  With most of the vendors there is some bartering room but not much.

Ali’i Gardens Marketplace

This market has a level of produce for sale but not as much as the Kona Farmer’s Market.  This market has more T-shirts, arts and crafts and a few food specialties.

Keauhou Farmer’s Market

This is not the biggest market in town but does offer a nice variety of local produce.  It also has some souvenir items and local arts.  It is open only on Saturday 8-12.