It’s a Saturday morning and instead of wanting to fight the masses you just want a peaceful beach, waters to wade and splash Kikaua Point Beachin, amazing views and of course, convenient facilities.  Kikaua Beach has all this and more.  Would it be appropriate to say this beach is just “delicious”?  White sand, palm trees and even a small grassy area.

Kiakua is not the most obvious to tourists and as such it requires entrance through a resort.  Additionally they limit how many people can be at the beach which honestly, is an added bonus.  Overcrowding is not an issue.

The waters only go to about neck deep so if you’re looking for some waves and surfing, this isn’t your beach.  There is also not much snorkeling.  But if you’re looking just to relax, wade in the waters, play with your children, have a restful day, then this place is ideal.  



First turn west between mile marker 87 and 88 on Kuki’o Nui Drive (south of the Hualalai resort entrance).  As you go forward you will see a service lane to your left.  Do not take this yet as you will come back.  Continue on forward to the guard shack and ask for a beach pass. They will give you a placard to put in your car window.  Flip around the guard shack and go back to the service lane.  Head down the service lane south until you get to a gate.  Ring the buzzer and let them know you have a beach pass.  Continue down the road until it ends at a small parking lot.  At this point you will see the path.


Parking:  Nice parking and there will always be a place because the number of people is regulated.
Restrooms and showers:  Restrooms and shower area right at beach
Path:  It’s a paved path to the beach.  And it goes past historical relics.  Nice!




Lifeguards:  No
Waves:  Generally calm and about 5-6 feet deep at its max.  Swim at designated areas.

Handicapped Accessibility

This is a great place for wheelchairs!  There is a paved path to the beach.  Then when you are at the beach there is a hard surface under the sand in the main area.  It will be bumpy but a wheelchair can get through this sand.  On the actual beach the sand is softer so that would be more difficult.  But of all the beaches this ranks high in the area of wheelchair accessibility.