Ocean kayaking is an amazing experience on your trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.  It’s a great way to see the coastline, paddle with wild dolphins nearby and enjoy a good workout.

Even with experienced kayakers, a rogue wave or even just an unexpected one can spill you into the ocean.  Getting back into the kayak can be a little tricky.  The biggest issue is if you get separated from your kayak.

Safe Practices with Ocean Kayaking


The See-Rescue can be a Llfe-Saver on Land and Sea.

  1.  Kayak with a Buddy – Either have a two person kayak or kayak near others.  If you do kayak alone make sure you let someone know where you are going and how long.
  2. Wear a life-jacket – This is for sure standard practice but many can compromise this basic feature.  Even a simple life jacket can mean the difference between life and death.  Accidents are never planned.
  3. Take a signaling device – If you get into distress a passing boat or an overhead airplane is not going to be able to see you.  You need a serious form of reflection.

See-Rescue Tool

You may have seen the See Rescue Safety Device recently on Shark Tank.  It actually was designed and created by a Hawaiian resident because of the incident rate of lost swimmers, kayakers and hikers.  We like it because it is compact, light-weight, can be used for multiple terrains and doesn’t have batteries that go out.  But the bottom line comes down, get the safety device that you will use.