Kahalu’u Beach Park is most commonly referred to by locals as “Children’s Beach.”  The reason for this is that it is popular with children and families due in part that is protected by a sea wall about 1/4 mile away.  Because of the sea wall the waters are calmer and not so turbulent for first-time snorkelers and young swimmers.  Additionally it is a favorite spot for turtles to come visit and take a nap.  You can also be assured of seeing the giant sea turtles that are famous in Hawaii.

If you’ve never snorkeled before this is a great place to begin.  You will be amazed at what lies beneath the surface of the ocean!   If you go about midway out you will see schools of yellow tang, puffer fish and more.  If you look right at the surface of the water you can also see trumpet fish that are long, skinny and translucent.  The beauty of these fish will blow your mind.

Having said that, once you feel confident that you’ve mastered Snorkeling 101, you can move on to other locations with even more amazing fish!  Children’s Beach is a great place though to get you off on the right foot.

As far as the beach aspect there are probably some better beaches.  While the view is nice and there is a small stretch of sand it is often crowded and the sand is a bit course.  It is however a fitting place for a picnic as there is an assortment of tables at the beach.  But if you want something that is close to Kona and great swimming, beginning snorkeling and wonderful family, Children’s Beach is a great place to be!



If you are in Kona travel South on Ali’i Drive for a couple of miles until you see the sign called “Kahalu’u Beach Park.”


  • Parking (free)
  • Restrooms and showers
  • Picnic tables
  • Usually a gear shack is located here for you to rent what you need




Lifeguards:  Yes
Waves:  Generally calm because of a sea wall.  But still always advisable to buddy swim

Handicapped Accessibility

Yes.  You can get right to the beach and a wheelchair may with some work go over some of the sand as there is a firmer base.