The waters in the Hawaiian Islands are warm, deep and a great place for romance–especially for the whales.  Every year the 66,000 pound (30,000 kilos) humpback whales come to the waters of Hawaii for mating.  Every year they return also to give birth to their new little big ones.

The best place to see the whales is both Maui and off the Big Island.   And you really don’t need something special to see them.  They can be viewed from the shoreline, the belt road or if you are on a lanai, right from the deck of your room.  Whales frolic and the waters and let themselves be seen in several ways.

Whale Breathing

Breathing–This is the most common way to find the whales.  The large water creatures actually breathe air through blowholes on the top of their bodies.  Their lung capacity is the size of a small car so when they come to the surface to exhale, it’s with great force.    They can spout water up to 13 feet high (4 meters) and at a speed of 185 mph (300 km/hr).  It’s loud enough that if you’re on the beach sometimes you can hear them take a breath.  Although it’s more likely that you will see them breathing.

Tail Slap–This is a common picture moment when the whales will lift their tales out of the water and slap them on the surface.  Typically when they do this their massive bodies are vertical in the water.


Humpback Whale Tail Slap
Humpback Whale Breach

Breaching (cresting)–One of their more impressive behaviors is their breaching where they launch their bodies out of the water.  It is unknown as to why whales behave this way, if it is removing parasites, eating or just having a good time.  But it is great to watch.

Whale Watch Boat Tours

Whales are playful creatures and continue to perform many antics.  They are fun to watch.  If you want to see them closer, you can also take a Whale Watch Boat.

Captain Dan Sweeney’s Whale Watch

Captain Dan has studied whales for years and helped tourists from around the world watch these amazing creatures.  They guarantee a sighting or you can come back for free.  Although know that if the only thing you see is a whale breathe with a spew of water, that is considered a sighting.    They do provide snacks, a restroom and education about the whales.

Living Ocean Adventures
(808) 325-5556

This is smaller more intimate setting where the captain will take up to 6 people in the fishing boat.  This is great for a family tour.