A popular surfing spot, this sea side area is all about the waters.    Even if you don’t surf this is a great beach just to hang out, talk story and watch those who do like to surf.    In general it’s probably not the best place for swimming because of the rocks and waves, but still a beautiful little area and if you love to surf, this is a great place.

It is worth noting that access to the beach area is not easy.  You need to descend some stairs and to get to the beach, climb over some boulders and rocky scree.

A fresh water river meets the ocean making it a unique area.  Around the beach is a beautifully landscaped park.  And if you walk around you will see some bridges and waterfalls.  A very picturesque place that even the sea turtles come to enjoy.

Search for Sea Glass

This is one of the beaches where you can search for what is called “sea glass.”    Sea glass is broken shards of glass that have been physically tumbled and chemically frosted by water to form smooth glass pebbles.    They can sometimes look like marbles and other shapes.  The beautiful beads and shapes are often used to make bracelets and necklaces.  Some street vendors will even sell these in the markets.  While you are are at this beach, see what you can find!


Beach glass






180 Kahoa St, Hilo, HI 96720

To get there you will need to park on the road.  If it’s crowded because of large waves it may be a little bit of a challenge.


  • Restrooms




Lifeguards:  Yes
Waves:  Can be a bit strong which is why the surfers love it

Handicapped Accessibility

You won’t be able to traditionally access this beach at all as it takes going down a steep hillside and over rocks.