Talk about a scenic route! And a beautiful area with over 2000 exotic types of flora, this place is awesome! The 4 mile scenic drive there is amazing.  There is a visitor center where you will need to pay around $15-20 for a ticket ($5 for kids 6-16).   Those who love botanical gardens will find it worth it.  Those who don’t will find it overpriced.

It is one of the better botanical gardens in Hawaii (this and Mauka Meadows on the west side). This feels like walking through Eden with the birds, the flowers, and the fragrance. Onomea Falls is located on the grounds as well and you even get a nice view of the coast.  It isn’t a huge area for the price, but there are many types of plants and beautiful flowers.  Be sure to take some mosquito repellent as being a tropical garden, the little critters will think you are the main attraction.

To find the road is a little tricky. It is past the 7 mile marker so look for the road carefully. You will feel like you’re driving through Jurassic Park to get there.  The drive alone is amazing.

Cruise Ship Guests: Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden will pick you up at the pier.

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Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden