Getting Married on the Big Island

Hawaii has been and always will be a popular place for a wedding.  With its white sandy beaches and swaying palms, it makes any celebration glorious and memorable.  But what all is involved in getting married on the Big Island?  Here are some necessary pieces of information you will need to know.

1) Getting a Marriage License – Just like any other state you will want to make sure you have everything you need to secure a  marriage license.   Check out this link here:

2) Finding a wedding coordinator will be very helpful and is highly recommended. You can expect to pay $500+ for a coordinator. If you go through a resort they also organize weddings but it will cost much, much more.  Check out this link: or you can look at Flowers Big Island

3) Would you like a private wedding ceremony?  Many weddings happen right on a beach (and quite frequently), but some people like to celebrate more by themselves.  If that is you, this is one option where you can even book a private waterfall – Click Here

4)  Wedding Photographers abound in Hawaii.  With the high competition of people coming from all over the world, these photographers typically are top of the line.  But know that the prices will also be equivalent to their expertise.  Check out on Google the work and find one that fits your style or (shh….our personal favorite and we are not paid to say so but Eye Expression Photography.)

We hope you have a wonderful time while in Hawaii and especially so if you’re getting married and honeymooning there.  It’s such a joyous occasion and we hope this helps makes your wedding smooth!  (And send us some pictures as we’d love to add a post to our Facebook page!)

Big Island Wedding