Extreme Adventure Challenge – Big Island Style!

Do you love adventures?  Love exploring Hawaii?  Earn a Free T-Shirt and a showcased spot on our website if you complete 7/10 Adventures Quests below.  To qualify at every location you must submit a picture of yourself with a piece of paper that says “Hello BigIslandHawaiiTravel.com!“.  Send your pics to info@bigislandhawaiitravel.com for verification.  To win the shirt it must clearly be you in every picture.  If you complete all 10 challenges you will receive a mug in addition to the shirt.

Extreme Adventure Challenges:

7/10 Challenges = Free T-Shirt and Feature on Our Site
10/10 Challenges – Free T-Shirt + Mug + Feature on Our Site
To Qualify All Pictures Must have YOU + a sign that says “Hello BigIslandHawaiiTravel .com

  1.  Hot, Fresh Lava – Take a Guided Tour and Get a Picture of yourself with hot, red lava in the background.  Stay safe.  Any pics that appear to compromise your safety will be immediately disqualified.  Lava Tours
  2.  Summit Mauna Kea – Get a picture of yourself on top of Mauna Kea.
    .hike mauna kea
  3.  Hawaii from the Air – See Hawaii via parasailing, parachuting, ziplining, helicopter or a chartered airplane.  Picture must be taken prior to take-off (to preserve your camera and safety)
  4.  Surf the Waves – Get a picture of you surfing the waves on a surfboard.  Outfitters and classes are available for those who desire to learn.
  5. Puako Petroglyph Field – It must be at the big field of petroglyphs for it to qualify.  Take a picture with the petroglyphs in the background.
    .Waipio Valley in the Big Island of Hawaii
  6. Keanalele Waterhole – Jump in the fresh water lava tube and have someone snap a picture.
  7. Green Sand Beach – Enjoy the Green Sands and take a fun picture.  Be careful as if you enter the water it can be treacherous.
  8. Kilauea Iki Crater – Take a picture of you in the middle of the crater.  At times know that the hike is closed due to current conditions.  Hiking Kilauea Iki.
  9. Waipio Valley – Ride on an ATV, on horseback or hike down in the valley.  Waipio.
  10. Kayak to Captain Cook – YOU MUST FIND the plaque (not the obelisk) that marks the spot where Captain Cook was killed.  It’s not easy to find.  Take a picture with the plaque in the picture.  Kayaking to Captain Cook

Upon completion of at least 7 challenges, email info@bigislandhawaiitravel.com for verification. 


* All activities you participate in are voluntary completely, 100% at your own risk.
* We strongly encourage full safety practices – taking appropriate water, traveling with others and mitigating risks.
* Big Island Hawaii Travel / Whole Life Solutions LLC is not responsible for including but not limited to any accidents , damages, loss, death, or any harm to you or your possessions.