No, these aren’t stickmen made by the latest teenagers.  Instead they are the ancient carvings of the indigenous Hawaiians.  Petroglyphs are scattered throughout the island.  They are thousands of years old and tell the story of the Hawaiian culture.

While there are several places to see Petroglyphs, there is one place in particular that is the prime location of them all.  It’s a .7 mile hike through an eerie forest but it is a fairly level hike.  At the end it opens up to a horizontal rock face that has over 3000 petroglyphs carved into its stone-scape.

NOTE:  Please resist the urge to make tracing of the glyphs.  This destroys part of the history that is irreplacable.  At the entrance of the Puako petroglyph field is a set of glyphs that you can freely use to make tracings.


The easiest way is to go to the Mauna Lani resort off of Hawaii 11.   When you turn in you will begin to see signs that lead you to the right.  You will find the parking area and a trail head.  From there is is .7 miles.