Kona Coffee–One of the Most Premium Coffees in the World!

Who knew that a Volcano blow in 1801 would provide some of the most fertile conditions for the best coffee in the world?  Grown on the misty slopes of the Hualalai volcano, the conditions are ideal for the cherry plants to produce the coffee bean. This Arabica coffee is known as the elite coffee of the world!

What Makes Kona Coffee Special?

Picking Coffee Berries Ideal Growing Conditions:  There is a very particular 25 mile stretch between 800 and 2500 feet along the Kona Coast that offers absolutely pristine conditions for coffee growing.  Coffee growers all along this stretch hand harvest the berries for some of the best, smoothest tasting coffee in the world.  

What does Kona Coffee taste Like?

  • Aroma – Warm and sweet coffee fragrance
  • Flavor – Nutty, Caramel, Buttery, Chocolate or fruit tasting
  • Sweetness – Rich, yet with mellow tones
  • Acidity – Mild Acidity
  • Body – Seductively smooth

 Kona coffee cupKona Coffee Farm Tours

One special treat you get when you travel to the Big Island is that you can tour many of the Kona Coffee Farms and even try some of their rich, delicious coffees for free!  You can tour the Kona Coffee farms year round.

Growing Seasons:

Feb-March:  Planting and Pollinating
April-Aug:  Growing the fruit
Sept-Jan:  Harvest time!

How to Buy Kona Coffee

When you go to your local chain store, you will find numerous bags of coffee for $10-20.  If you look at the text it will say “Made with 100% Kona Coffee.”  This does not mean it’s quality Kona Coffee.  If it has only has 10% Kona Coffee and the other 90% is filler, they can legally say made with 100% Kona Coffee.  If you want quality coffee you need the bag that reads 100% Pure Kona Coffee.  And it typically will cost around $20+ per pound.

What are the Best Coffee Companies?

Coffee farms are every few miles along the Kona Belt Road.  Finding the best depends on your taste.  Here are a few online options to purchase coffee direct from Kona: .

Koa Coffee: Forbes Named the Best in America!

Aloha Island Coffee Hawaii Coffee Company: 100% Kona Coffee & Gourmet Coffee from Hawaii .

Royal Kona Coffee
Kona Coffee