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Surfing the Big Island

The Big Island is a great place for beginner and intermediate surfers.  Though when the storms roll through the experts go running to the shores!  There are several ways to surf:

Surfing with a Long board/Short board

If you've ever wanted to learn how to surf then now is your time!  There are a handful of outfitters that will spend a day teaching you how to ride the wives.  If you already know how to surf, then you can rent a board and enjoy the waves all day.

Boogie Boarding

Boogie Boarding is perhaps the most widely used form of surfing.  It is something that doesn't take a lot of skill and is therefore accessible to the masses.  The board is about half the size of your body and you lay on top of it, catching the waves of your choice.

Body Surfing

Body Surfing is great when you don't have a board with you.  It's not necessarily easy to do as you have to catch a wave just right.  Watch the others on the ocean and see how it done. While you are on the Big Island it is great to catch some waves.  The size of the waves are dependent on the beach location, time of day, and what is going on out in the ocean.  It is always good to swim with a buddy just in case there are issues, but don't hesitate to enjoy these special waters!

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