A black sand beach on the Big Island?  Yep, and it is BLACK, especially when wet.  The black sand beach is made up of dried lava broken up into millions of granules.  It’s the type of beach you won’t find just anywhere.   Black Sand Beach Big Island Hawaii

Why Go to the Black Sand Beach?

  1.  It’s unique!  How often do you get to see black sand?  It takes being volcanic rock to have a truly black sand beach.
  2. Turtles!  There are always a lot of turtles that come to rest here.  They crawl up on the beach and take a nap or bob around in the waters.  It’s not a guarantee you will see turtles but almost always they will be there.

The black sand beach isn’t necessarily the greatest swimming beach though you can get it in the water.  Just be careful as the waves are turbulent.  Also know that the sand of the beach is sharp and while it will give you a good scouring on the bottom of your feet, it may also be a bit painful.  Footwear is recommended over bare feet.  

Behind the beach is a palm tree lined pond that attract waterfowl.  It really is a uniquely beautiful location and worth a stop.  A beautiful place to wander, explore and even camp.

Black Sand Beach



Between mile markers 55 and 56 on Hwy 11.


Parking:  Yes
Restrooms and showers:  Yes
Path: Sandy Beach




Lifeguards:  No
Waves:  Can be calm or strong
Extra:  Wear shoes.  The lava sand is sharp

Handicapped Accessibility

It’s easy access to parking, restrooms and such but the beach if thicker sand.  Viewing area is available but pushing a wheelchair through the sand is probably tough.  Someone with a walker might be able to cross the sand Ok but there’s not a place to sit for several hundred yards.  Worthy drive though through the area.