Ziplining the Big Island

Ziplining the Big Island

Ziplining in Hawaii is the newest craze as it takes participants flying in the air through the jungle canopy.  The ziplines are usually around amazing waterfalls or scenic vistas where you can take in the sites while you have a picnic lunch.  It’s a great way to have a fun time and see Hawaii from a different perspective. 

What is the average weight limit?

Each zipline will vary so you will need to ask your operator.  On average the weight range is between 70-270 pounds.

What if I get scared and decide this isn't for me?

The ziplines typically (always ask) have different points along the course where you can exit.

I have back and neck issues, will this be a problem?

Yes, actually it is.  If you have heart issues, back or neck issues, asthma, severe allergies, diabetes, insulin dependent or have other medical issues, ask your doctor before attempting to zipline.

Ziplining Umauma Falls!

Have you ever wanted to soar over the waterfalls and through the jungle canopy in a zipline?  Here's your chance!  A couple of years ago someone had the bright idea that ziplining over waterfalls, past the ocean and through the jungle canopy would be a fun adventure. ...

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