Big Game Hunting In Hawaii

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Not everyone knows that the Big Island offers some premier Big Game Hunting.  The reality is that some of the animal population is out of control, especially the wild boars and even feral bulls, and as such they become a danger to humanity and destroy fragile ecology.  Hunting is needed to help control the population of these dangerous animals in a way that is beneficial.  The slopes of Mauna Loa in particular are filled with wild game that range from wild boars, Mouflon sheep, Vancouver bulls, Axis deer and more.

Local outfitters and safety guides will take you on the hunt to lead you to the game trails.  Many of the outfitters have grown up hunting in the islands or have spent years on the land knowing the most opportune locations.

So ladies, if your man is dragging his feet about a Hawaiian vacation of sun and beach, maybe the thought of a hunt will be the lure.  Or ladies, maybe you are the huntress.  Make this vacation a memorable one.

On a personal note, please at a minimum try to get a wild hog.  They really are dangerous and out of control on the island, frequenting residential areas nightly.  Just my personal admonishment.  🙂

Will I Need to Bring My Own Guns?

Typically you can bring your own but outfitters will supply you with guns and what you need for the hunt.

Do I Need a Hunting License?

YES!  You can purchase a license at the Division of Forestry and Wildlife.  Click here for more info.

What are the Gun Laws for Hunting in Hawaii?

Please see here for the National Rifle Association Laws.

Do I need Hunting Experience?

No.  There are outfitters who will take people even with no experience.

What Happens with the Meat?

Most outfitters will field dress the meat and you can take it at that time.  If you are traveling you can put it in a freezer and wait until you fly.  Also some of the outfitters if you are unable to take the meat will donate it to local migrant workers that are very happy to receive donations.  Just ask your particular outfitter what their policy is for meat-handling.


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