A-Bay (‘Anaeho’malu Bay)-A Picturesque Beach Worth Remembering

The real name for this beach is 'Anaeho'omalu Bay.  Yeah.  Trying saying that one.  That's why tourists and locals alike call it "A-Bay."  Sitting right next to the Hilton Waikaloha, this place is most known for its AMAZING sunset views.  Why are they so special? ...
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Mauna Kea Beach

Mauna Kea beach is another beach often ranked as the top in the US (second only to Hapuna Beach which is also found on the Big Island).  It's super soft white sand, clear blue waters and palm tree shaded picnic areas are everything you could want in a beach in...
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Kikaua Beach – A Place of Peace, Rest and Beauty

It's a Saturday morning and instead of wanting to fight the masses you just want a peaceful beach, waters to wade and splash in, amazing views and of course, convenient facilities.  Kikaua Beach has all this and more.  Would it be appropriate to say this beach is just...
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Magic Sands Beach – Appearing/Disappearing Sands!

Magic Sands Beach (White Sands Beach Park, La'aloa Beach Park) Magic Sands Beach isn't given that name for no reason.  Sometimes when the surf pounds in the sands retreat.  At other times the sands return.  Locals have observed that this appearing and disappearing can...
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Old Airport Beach in Kona, HI – BBQ’s and Amazing Views!

Is the Old Airport Beach in Kona really from an Old Airport? Yes, this is actually the old airport and yes, you do drive down the runway to find a place to park.  Cool, eh?  Yes, it is.  About 15 years ago it was a beautiful, sometimes unknown beach by day and drug...
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Big Island Beaches

When you think of Hawaii you can’t help but think of beautiful beaches, soft sands and warm waters.  It’s what makes Hawaii so amazing!  And the Big Island does not disappoint.  The Big Island Beaches are plentiful and varied, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world.  Did you know that the sands on the Big Island beaches can be

  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Black and White
  • Even a Green Sand Beach!

It’s true!  The Big Island has so much to offer. 

The #1 Rated Beach in the US is Located on the Big Island!

Hapuna Beach located on the Big Island is regularly touted as The Best Beach in the US!  It’s a long, sandy stretch of beach in front of azure waters and swaying palm trees.  It’s a big enough beach to spread out and enjoy frolicking in the waters.  When the tide is right it is a great place to boogie board!  Read more Here:  Hapuna Beach.

Where do I go to find the Best Big Island Beaches?

There is a definite difference in the types of beaches as you travel the island.  On the west side (Kona side) of the Island you will find more of the white sand, yellow sand and occasional black sand beaches that attract people from around the world.  On the east side (Hilo area) you will find more of the black sand beaches and more surfing waters.  It’s only on the south side of the island that you find a green sand beach.  It really is green and comes from the particles produced by the volcano.