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Extreme Adventure CHALLENGE!!!

Extreme Adventure Challenge – Big Island Style! Do you love adventures?  Love exploring Hawaii?  Earn a Free T-Shirt and a showcased spot on our website if you complete 7/10 Adventures Quests below.  To qualify at every location you must submit a picture of yourself with a piece of paper that says “Hello!“.  Send your pics to for verification.  To win the shirt it must clearly be you in every picture.  If you complete all 10 challenges you will receive a mug in addition to the shirt. Extreme Adventure Challenges: 7/10 Challenges = Free T-Shirt and Feature on...

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Top 5 Big Island Things to Do for Adventurers

1) Jump Out of an Airplane Who wouldn’t want to see the Big Island from above?  And why not via a  parachute jump?  The Big Island has several options for you whether you have gone skydiving or not.  You can go tandem with a professional skydiver or even take some training on how to do solo jumps.  Here are some options:  Skydive Kaillua-Kona and Big Island Gravity, LLC. 2)  Hike the World’s Tallest Mountain The hike up Mauna Kea is not for the faint of heart-literally.  It is cold, the air is thin and it’s an 11 mile trek...

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Kayak Safety

Ocean kayaking is an amazing experience on your trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.  It’s a great way to see the coastline, paddle with wild dolphins nearby and enjoy a good workout. Even with experienced kayakers, a rogue wave or even just an unexpected one can spill you into the ocean.  Getting back into the kayak can be a little tricky.  The biggest issue is if you get separated from your kayak. Safe Practices with Ocean Kayaking  Kayak with a Buddy – Either have a two person kayak or kayak near others.  If you do kayak alone make...

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4 Ways to Stay Safe While Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the most extraordinary experiences as you get to see in the open ocean the brightly colored tropical fish.  There are more colors and varieties than you can possibly imagine!  Add to that snorkeling is something as simple as putting on a mask and a breathing tube and swim away.  It’s easy for anyone to do.  Yet unfortunately snorkeling can be the number one safety issue for tourists. What is Snorkeling? Snorkeling is simply putting a mask on that is connected to a tube.  The tube makes it so you can breathe and works to prevent...

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How to Escape a Rip Current

The ocean has a lot of currents and for the uninitiated or land-dwellers, they can be dangerous.    One of those currents is called a rip current which is often mistakenly called a riptide. What is a Rip Current? A rip current is a particular flow of ocean water caused by the tide.  When the water becomes restricted through the ocean floor, the coastline and the flow of water, it forms something akin to a powerful river.  When a person gets caught in a rip current it will pull you out into the ocean.  If you try to swim against...

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