Akaka Falls–The Big Island’s Biggest Waterfall!The Trail at Akaka Falls Hawaii

The 420 foot ‘Akaka waterfall is a must-see diversion on your trip to the Big Island!  It’s not
just about the waterfall but also about the thick jungle vegetation that you walk through to get there (don’t worry, it’s paved).  To get to the falls you walk through about 1/4 mile of thick bamboo, over a small stream and under the jungle canopy.  Then you arrive in a more open area where you can see the top and bottom of this 40 story waterfall.  When you keep going you come to another waterfall that is still beautiful but not as easy to see.  All total it’s about a 15-20 minute walk that includes some steps.

'Akaka Falls



When traveling on Highway 19 Turn on Highway 220 between mile markers 13 and 14.  The road will curve left through a mini-town and then you will turn right a the corner of the huge monkeypod trees.  This road will lead you all the way to Akaka Falls.  


Parking:  For a few dollars.  Have some ones with you.
Restrooms:  Yes
Path:  It’s paved with steps.  




Fairly safe.  Just make sure your vehicle is locked.

Handicapped Accessibility

This is not for wheelchairs.  For other mobility issues, you or your loved one needs to be able to navigate inclines and stairs.