Hawaiian White Sand Beach

Choose the Right Housing for Your Needs

Hawaii-beach-hotelFinding an accommodation that fits your goals is an important part of your vacation. Your housing can be as much a part of your vacation as the things you do.   For some, your complete vacation can be at your housing accommodations, especially if you stay at a resort.  Others might want a vacation rental where they can cook their own meals, sip coffee on a lanai and yet get our more on the island.  And for the outdoor enthusiasts, Hawaii has some great cabin and camping options.

Places to Stay in Hawaii

Standard hotels—There are not many standard hotels in the Big Island. You won’t find the chains that you see in other places, although you will find a few.  Mainly the regular hotels are ma and pa hotels.  Some are decent and some are just plain sketchy.   You definitely will want to read the reviewsHotel Hawaii.

Resorts—By staying at a resort you in essence do not even need to leave the resort to have have your Hawaiian vacation experience. Resorts typically have pools, tennis courts, spas, in-house dining, beach access and shopping. Most will also have golf course access. Resorts are more expensive but they do make it possible to limit further expenses by staying in one location.

Vacation Rentals—Vacations rentals are truly a great way to go. You get a house to yourself, it typically is stocked with beach supplies such as snorkel gear and boogie boards (not guaranteed) and you can cook your own meals cutting down costs.  ADDED BONUS: A house is typically much cheaper than a resort compared to what you get.  A lot of these can be found online from reputable vacation rental companies or VRBO.  You can look also for vacation rentals online or via newspaper–West Hawaii Today.

Bed and Breakfast—These can offer some unique locations and a more local feel to your stay.  For creative locations, someone to help you understand culture and give direction, these sometimes are a great choice.

Hostels—A lot of hikers pass through the Big Island.  Like many hostels of the world, these are basic housing options that allow someone on a low-cost budget a chance to enjoy the Big Island.

Cabins and Campsites-The Big Island has a number of campsites and cabins.  Some places will even rent you camping gear so you don’t have to travel with to Hawaii.  Camping out is a great way to see the Island!  Learn More.