The real name for this beach is ‘Anaeho’omalu Bay.  Yeah.  Trying saying that one.  That’s why tourists and locals alike call it “A-Bay.”  Sitting right next to the Hilton Waikaloha, this place is most known for its AMAZING sunset views.  Why are they so special?  Because of a couple of fishponds that reflect the sunset.  An evening stroll makes this an unforgettable view!

The Fishponds

The fishponds have deep roots in Hawaiian history as they were used by the ancient Hawaiians to raise mullet.  Only the royalty could eat fish set aside special from these ponds.  While the pond water isn’t the most attractive (a bit brackish), the Hawaiians had a developed water system to let the ocean waters in and out.  It became not only a place for the mullet but also for shrimp and algae.

In addition to the history the palm trees are ringed with gorgeous palm trees making a beautiful backdrop in between the waters.  But you have to be by the backside of the waters prior to the set to fully understand.  There’s a nicely paved path so you can stroll past these waters.  Near the center of the path you can see some ancients remains of a dwelling, eating quarters or perhaps a shrine

The Beach

The swimming at the beach is nice.  No lavish sand like Hapuna or Kua Bay but nice enough.  The best swimming is in the center, sandy area.  The snorkeling is along the right side. The waters aren’t as clear but you can still catch some nice fish.  If you need some gear there is a rental shack that will supply you with snorkel gear, boogie boards, paddle boards and more.

Food & Shopping

When you turn to go to the beach you will pass a lot of restaurants.  There is great shopping near hear.  At the beach you catch the Waikaloa Beach Marriott for some burgers and hot dogs.


There’s a hiking path that goes between the two Waikaloa hotels.  Along the beach you will see pristine white coral.  It used to be that coral was collected and used along the highway as a form of “graffiti” with the white coral against the black rock.  But about 5 years ago the state went through and removed it all.  But the contrast white coral and black lava rock is still a striking contrast.  Turtles also like to hand out in the tide pools along the trail.

Overall A-Bay is a nice area.  But whatever you do, be sure to catch the incredible sunset by standing mauka (toward the mountain) of the fish ponds.  A simple, cheap camera will reward you with magazine-like photos.




Turn down the road to the Hilton Waikaloa Beach Resort.  When you get to the stop sign, take a left and follow the signs.


  • Parking
  • Short walk to beach




Lifeguards:  Not Presently
Waves:  Generally calm

Handicapped Accessibility

There are paved paths by the fishpond and reasonable access.  Traversing the beach though would require a beach wheelchair more than likely.