When people think the Big Island of Hawaii, they think sun and fun in the ocean waters.  And while that is true, there is so much more to the Big Island.  Here are 5 Adventures you  might not know about that you can do in the Big Island:

Wild Hog Hawaii

1.  Hunting Big Game

Big Game Hunting – What?  Yep.  Ever hunted for some feral bulls?  Wild hogs?  Or massive Antelope?  Many years ago big game was introduced to the island.  Unfortunately the population has teetered out of control and is harmful to the island’s delicate ecosystem.  In comes big game hunting.  Hunting trips help keep the ecosystem in balance while making for a wild island adventure.  There are several outfitters on the island that will make you sure you have the hunt of a lifetime.  Most outfitters will let you keep the meat if you desire, helping you pack it up.  And if you are unable to transport the meat, you can donate it to one of the migrant families in need.  Learn More…

Manta Ray Dive

2.  Swimming with Manta Rays

At a particular spot in Kona the Manta Rays congregate for supper in the evening.  These giant ocean creatures are a sight to behold.  You can either see them by snorkeling (if you have snorkeled before and have experience swimming) or by SCUBA diving.  This is an adventure that many mark as a highlight of their trip!  See more…

Horseback Riding in Hawaii

3.  Horseback Riding the Island

The Big Island of Hawaii has some of the biggest ranches in the nation.  Become a Hawaiian cowboy or cowgirl (“paniolo”) and ride a working ranch!   It is a great way to see some exclusive places on the Big Island.  If you are beginner all the way up to expert level, there are rides available for you. 

There are predominantly 2 stables where you can choose your mount.  One goes through Waipio Valley and is an extraordinary ride for its beauty (Naalapa Stables).  The other is to ride on an 11,000 acre working ranch (Paniolo Adventures). 


Sleeping on the Volcano

4.  Staying in a Hotel on top of a Live Volcano

You’re tired after a long day of sightseeing and now it’s time to catch some sleep at your hotel.  Only this time your room sits at the top of the rim of a volcano.  Only a few feet from your doorstep you can look out across the caldera and see the glow and splash of lava.

The Volcano House is newly renovated and offers these extraordinary accommodations.  There are a limited number of rooms so you will need to book in advance.  Read More…

Parasailing over the ocean

5.  Parasailing over the Ocean

Do you want to see Hawaii from a different angle?  How about from several hundred feet up in a parachute!  Parasailing is a popular activity along the Kona coast.  Outfitters strap you into a parachute that is attached to a speed boat and away you go.  It’s a great way to spend a few hours to see the island from a unique perspective.   See more...

Adventures on the Big Island abound and this is only a small sampling.  Prior to your vacation, take the time on this site to pick adventures you wouldn’t expect and add some spice to your Big Island Hawaiian vacation!