Farm Tours that Will Have Your Mouth Watering

Farm tours on the Big Island?  Oh yes!  The island with its tropical climate produces some unique and tasty foods that are exported around the world.  If you’re on the island, why not take some time to see how these are grown and produced.  Best of all, all of these places let you sample their fine delicacies!

1) Vanilla Farm

If you are a foodie then you are really going to enjoy touring this farm.  The Hawaiian Vanilla Company offers a lunch that features vanilla in both sweet and savory dishes that are nothing less than tasty.  The lunch is only a part of the package as it is also accompanied with a tour and interesting facts about vanilla.  The Vanilla Farm tour is highly rated, the food is considered some of the best on the island and the experience is worth your visit.

2) Macademia Nut Factory

Farmed throughout the island, macademia nuts are rich, flavorful and one of the higher end nuts you can enjoy.  Flavored with hundreds of seasonings, these nuts are luxurious.  You can get free samples and see some of the facilities used to process the nuts at several locations.  Try visiting the Hamakua Macademia Nut Factory in the northeast or the Mauna Loa Macademia Nut Factory in the southeast.  You will find these nuts are a tasty delight.

3) Coffee Farm

Anyone ever heard of Kona Coffee?  It is one of the most elite coffees in the world.  Within a narrow 25 mile strip of land the conditions for growing coffee are some of the most optimal in the world.  There are numerous farms to tour and see the coffee production process, smell the roasting coffee and even sample fresh coffee like you’ve never tasted before.  There are many companies such as Greenwell Coffee Farm, Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation and more.  A quick search and you will have many opportunities.

4) Chocolate Farm

Who doesn’t love rich, velvety chocolate on your favorite ice cream?  Or how about a gooey hot fudge brownie?  But have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from and how it is made?  Now is your chance!  Because of the warm tropical climate the Big Island is the only place in the US where chocolate is made entirely from locally sources ingredients.  The Kuaiwi Farm gives tours and unlimited chocolate tasting for each visitor.  You will need to make reservations 3 days in advance.  Click here for their website.  The Original Chocolate Factory is another one.    They offer tours on Wednesdays and Fridays for a fee of $15.  You will experience a 1 hour tour and learn the process involved in making chocolate.  Reservations required so call at 808-322-2626.