Banyan Tree Drive

Much of this park area was planted in Banyan Trees around the 30’s by sports figures, politicians and famous American people

6.  Stroll through Banyan Tree Drive

Cost:  FREE

The Banyan Tree Park in Hilo has been there for decades with the huge banyan trees planted by some of the most famous names in the last century–Herbert Hoover, Babe Ruth, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and more.  These huge Banyan Trees are a site to behold in themselves.  If you want to catch all the names you’ll want to walk through the area, but it is also made for you to drive past the trees.  This area is also a beautiful place to stop for a picnic.

Moon from Mauna Kea

This picture was taken with a regular point and shoot camera…through a telescope lens. 

7)  See the Next Galaxy Over – Literally

Cost:  FREE

Halfway up Mauna Kea there is a visitors center (that doesn’t necessarily take a 4 wheel drive).  In the evening they pull out the huge telescopes.  Depending on the time of year you visit, you may be able to see the next galaxy over, various constellations and the surface of the moon.  Usually at around 8 pm they will even do a night sky tour and point out the different stars.  It’s worth a visit!

8.  Watch Whales

You don’t need to go out on a boat to see the whales breeching.  During peak whale season (February/March) the whales come in and splash along the waters.  You can’t predict where they are but they are typically off the Kona Coast.  Watch in the waters and sometimes you will see them not so far from shore.  They are a site to behold!

The macademia nut is consider a rich, delicacy nut and is every bit as delicious.

9)  Tour a Mac Nut Factory

Cost:   FREE

Macademia Nuts are some of the tastiest, soft, luxurious nuts you will enjoy.  The Big Island is a major grower and exporter of these nuts.  You can tour a Mac Nut processing factory and enjoy FREE samples.  Many of the Mac Nuts come in dozens of different varieties.  You can also purchase the fresh nuts right there at the factory.

These homemade and fresh donuts filled with a variety of yumminess are worth a stop.  They’re a Hawaiian stable sweet treat.

10)  Enjoy homemade Malasada Donuts and Watch them Being Made

This isn’t just any filled donut, these donuts called malasadas have a rich history on the islands.  They are Hawaii’s favorite fried treat!  The malasadas are actually have their origins in the Portuguese in the 1400’s.  Introduced to the island generations ago, they are a stable desert in the island.  You can see them made at Tex’s Drive-in outside of Waimea and enjoy these sumptuous treats in the process.